Day Three on the Tidal Lace Blog Hop Tour

Today on the tour are 2 incredibly creative people that spur me on everyday. I first met Anne and Stacey through the Quilt Design a Day group on Facebook. This group is filled with wonderfully creative and supportive people and I’ve made some lovely friends through it.


Anne Sullivan – Play Crafts

Starflower Pillow by Anne Sullivan. Photo by Danielle Collins.

Starflower Pillow by Anne Sullivan. Photo by Danielle Collins.

Anne is talking about her inspiration for her wonderful Starflower Pillow today that was inspired by some designs that she was working on in QDAD. I love how she used Tidal Lace in such a bold way!

See more here!


Stacey Day – Stacey In Stitches

Down By The Sea Quilt by Stacey Day. Photo by Danielle Collins.

Down By The Sea Quilt by Stacey Day. Photo by Danielle Collins.

Stacey has written a wonderful post about how the inspiration behind Tidal Lace really connected with her and her life. She is also sharing more about her stunning Down By The Sea Quilt (it was hard to not try and keep it), plus there is a tutorial for her Tide Pool Pillow which is perfect for using up your scraps!

Find Stacey’s lovely post here.

Make sure you go visit these stops and leave a comment on their posts. There is a FQ Giveaway for every stop on the Tidal Lace Blog Hop Tour!

Tidal Lace Fat Quarter Wheel

Tidal Lace Fat Quarter Wheel

You can also find my post here.

Day Two on the Tidal Lace Blog Hop Tour

Today on the tour we visit 3 amazing projects made by 3 wonderful people.


Erin Harris – House on Hill Road


Tidal Wave Quilt by Erin Harris. Photo by Danielle Collins

I first meet Erin from House on Hill road a few years back on a sewing weekend in New York. I love visiting Erin’s blog, she has the kind of projects that end up on my must make list and a great peek at her daily life. Her Quilt Essential book is a great reference book.

Erin designed and made the stunning Tidal Wave quilt. It’s amazing, go take a look here!


Amy Gunson – Badskirt


Ahoy There! pouch by Amy Gunson. Photo by Amy Gunson

Amy and I met virtually through the Quilt Design a Day group on Facebook. I love Amy’s design sensibility and crossed my fingers hoping that she would say yes to making a project with Tidal Lace. What a project she made! THE cutest boat pouch ever! These are going to be the best presents to make.

Quick go find out more here!


Cath Mosley on Instagram

Beach House Placemats

Beach House Placemats by Cath Mosely. Photo by Danielle Collins.

I met Cath through my very good friend and photographer Danielle. Cath travelled to the USA for Quiltcon in 2013 and we had so much fun with her in Austin! Cath’s handwork is AMAZING! I’m so happy that she was able to incorporate her fabulous handwork in her lovely Beach House placemats with mini clams! Cath doesn’t have a blog but she is the Instagram Queen! (She taught me everything I know on IG) So check out these wonderful placemats here.

Make sure you go visit these stops on the Tidal Lace Blog Hop and leave a comment on their posts. There is a FQ Giveaway for every stop on the Tidal Lace Blog Hop Tour!


Tidal Lace Fat Quarter Wheel

Tidal Lace Blog Hop Tour starts here!


Welcome to the first day on The Tidal Lace Blog Hop Tour!

The next 8 days are going to be packed full of sewing goodness! Follow the Tidal Lace Blog Hop so that you can see the wonderful projects from the look book in detail and meet the people behind them. Have you seen the Tidal Lace look book yet? If not you can find it here.

Here is the playlist for the Tidal Lace Blog Tour – you won’t want to miss seeing these projects up close!

Monday, September 15  –   Windham Fabrics / Kim Andersson – I Adore Pattern

Tuesday, September 16  –   Erin Harris – House on Hill Road / Amy Gunson – Badskirt  / Cath Mosley on Instagram

Wednesday, September 17 –  Anne Sullivan – Play Crafts / Stacey Day – Stacey In Stitches

Thursday September 18th –  Adrianne Ove – Little Bluebell / Terri Carpenter – The Quilted Fox

Friday September 19 – Pati Fried – See How We Sew / Amanda Hohnstreiter – My Sewcial Hour

Saturday September 20 – Ann Haley – Sew Messy / Madeleine Roberg – Domestic Strata

Sunday September 21 – Cal Patch – Hodge Podge Farm / Rebecca Ringquist – Drop Cloth

Monday September 22 – Alicia Wietholter – Swoon Patterns / Stacey Sharman – Peppermint Pinwheels

Tuesday September 23 – Jen Carlton Bailly – Bettycrockerass / Miriam Blaich – The Berlin Quilter

(Psssst – If you read all the way to the bottom of this post, you can discover our exciting giveaway…)


Day 1  –   Windham Fabrics / Kim Andersson – I Adore Pattern

Today, I’m going to share three different projects made with my Tidal Lace collection:  Tide Lines Quilt, Sea Star Pillows & Pin Cushions and Tide Pool Hair Decorations.

Project 1 – Tide Lines Quilt

When I first started thinking about my quilt design for Tidal Lace I knew that I wanted to make something that incorporated the whole collection. I also wanted a design that would fit in with the idea of the tide. So I created the Tide Lines quilt that is inspired by the lines that are made by the changing tides.


Tide Lines Quilt. Photo by Danielle Collins



Tide Lines Quilt (close up). Photo by Danielle Collins.

I’ve also been kind of obsessed with Quarter Circle blocks lately but hadn’t taken the leap to try those curved blocks. I don’t know what was holding me back because I’ve sewn curves in other sewing projects, just not quilty curves. Well, once I made the leap and had sewn a few test curves, I realized that it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!

I was lucky to receive Jen Carlton Bailly’s Quarter Circle templates and they made cutting a breeze! (Jen will be joining the Blog Hop on Tuesday Sept 23rd).

Luckily, the quilt came together quickly, as I had to get it finished and sent out to Terri for quilting ASAP! We had to have it done in time for the Tidal Lace look book shoot which was fast approaching!


Tide Line Quilt detail with quilting by Terri Carpenter

I LOVE how Terri quilted Tide Lines for me. Her quilting enhances those curves so well and adds to the overall sense of movement.

The Tide Lines Quilt pattern will be a free pattern when the collection Tidal Lace collection hits fabric stores in January.

Project 2 – Sea Star Pillows and Pin Cushions

The next project that I wanted to make were Sea Star (aka Star Fish) inspired pillows. So after some designing and testing templates I created a pattern for the pillows that can be pieced using different fabrics from the collection, or more simply, using whole pieces of fabric.


Sea Star Pillows for the Tidal Lace look book. Photo by Danielle Collins.


Sea Star Pillows

I really couldn’t stop making these! I ended up making 17 of them and they are sprinkled around in the photos in the look book. I then scaled the pattern down and made the cutest little Sea Star inspired pin cushion! The cushions and pin cushions will be a free pattern as well!

Oh how I love these!


Sea Star Pincushions. Photo by Danielle Collins.


Project 3 – Hair Decorations

After finishing the pillows and pin cushions I couldn’t seem to stop stuffing things. I made some adorable little hair clips from my Tide Pool pattern and added the tiniest amount of stuffing to plump them up.

So adorable!


Tidal Lace Hair Decorations


Tidal Lace Hair Decorations. Photo by Danielle Collins.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some more about these projects. It’s been such a fabulous and busy time launching the Tidal Lace collection out into the world and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of amazingly creative friends!

I look forward to seeing what YOU make with Tidal Lace!


Enter to Win!

Exciting News! Windham Fabrics are giving away a free Fat Quarter bundle of Tidal Lace at every stop along the Tidal Lace Blog Hop Tour!

You can enter by leaving a comment under this post!


Tidal Lace Fat Quarters

The giveaway will be open from now until 8PM PST on Monday, September 22. The winner for this stop will be picked at random and I will announce the name HERE on Tuesday, September 23.

This giveaway is open to everyone, USA and International. If you’re a “no reply” or anonymous commenter, please remember to include your email address in your comment!

The WINNER of a Tidal Lace Fat Quarter Bundle chosen at random is:

Carrie ORourke

“The star pillows are adorable. I love the pin cushions. And the quilt… really does the fabrics justice. What a lovely fabric line.”

Congratulations Carrie!!!



Podcast on Modern Sewciety

A few days ago I recorded a podcast with Stephanie from Modern Sewciety. I was so excited when she first asked me to chat and I’m happy that our schedules finally aligned to make it happen.

I’ve loved listening to the Modern Sewciety podcast’s and hearing the stories behind peoples creative lives. Yes, I chatted about Tidal Lace (Oh I love chatting about Tidal Lace!) and the story behind the collection, but we also started chatting about how it’s funny how life leads you to where you are now. So many of us rediscover sewing once we start having kids and it’s amazing to think about how our different life experiences meld together to bring us to where we are now.

I hope you enjoy listening to the Podcast and hearing a bit about me and my new collection.

You can find the podcast here.

There is a giveaway for a Fat Quarter Bundle of Tidal Lace as well!



P.S I’m sharing podcast space with Jacquie Gering! OMG!


Modern Sewciety #41

Modern Sewciety #41


Presenting Tidal Lace!


Today I’m very excited to present my first fabric collection for Windham Fabrics, TIDAL LACE!


The inspiration for the TIDAL LACE collection comes from two very different experiences in my life.

The first experience comes from my Grandmother’s ballet shop, where as a child I would play with the many lengths of trim and lace for hours and hours, immersed in their pattern and detail.

The second inspiration, to use tide pools in my collection, came from a family trip that we took to a lovely coastal town. Waking up early for the low tide and still quite sleepy, we were greeted by the wonder of the tide pools. We spent a wonderful morning with friends and family looking from pool to pool to see what we could spy. One person pointing out what another might have otherwise missed.

TIDAL LACE, is my imagining of lace and the tide pools woven together, full of fascinating details and bursting with color and life.



The collection includes wonderfully detailed novelties and geo’s with a color palette to make your projects shine. Intricate lace and tide pool life weave together to create images that are joyful and enchanting.

Let me introduce you to each pattern briefly, I’ll be posting more details about the collection over the next few weeks.

Tidal Lace:  Is a border print weaving together lace and tide pool life. Each selvedge has a different pattern variation to give you many options to play with. We have a Coral and an Aqua version plus an amazing Ombre version that starts with Teal at the base and ends with Coral at the top. These variations give you many options to play with.

Tide Pool: Filled with the color and fascinating life of the tide pools. Two color ways in Ocean and Seafoam.

Sea Gems: Full of sea-shell treasures. Found in two color ways, Sand and White.

Shimmer:  This pattern uses the base lace pattern filled with color and sporadic pops of yellow or coral. This represents the glint of light that plays on the surface of the water. You’ll find it in Seafoam, Coral and Aqua.

Starlight: Wonderful tonal texture inspired by Ochre Sea Stars with highlight spots. Available in four color ways, Seafoam, Sand, Aqua and Coral.

Tide pool life is a rich bed of inspiration!


I’ve also been working with Windham Fabrics to put together a gorgeous look book for TIDAL LACE.
It is full of wonderful quilts and gorgeous projects from some very talented people!

Head over to Windham Fabrics to see the look book in all it’s gorgeousness here!


Tidal Lace Look Book


I must say, it feels so amazing to finally see and hold this collection, there have been a few teary moments here :)

In the weeks to come I’ll be sharing more about the collection and projects that have been created for it. We are also organizing a Blog Hop in September so that you can get to see these wonderful projects in detail and meet the people behind them. You won’t want to miss seeing these projects up close!

Prepare to dive into a place full of wonder and delight with TIDAL LACE. Due to land at your local fabric shop in January 2015!


One of the gorgeous photos by Danielle Collins in the Tidal Lace look book.

I’m a designer for Windham!

Windham announced that I’m their newest designer! So now I can tell you too! Yay!

It’s been an exciting journey since Fall Market last October and I’m pleased to say that my very first fabric collection will be released later this year in August! I’ll be sharing more with you soon and in the meantime you can see Windham’s announcement here.

Look at the selvedges on my strike offs. It didn’t feel real until I saw these :)

I have plans for these selvedges!

I have plans for these selvedges!



Guest post on See How We Sew!

I’m so excited to be a guest over on See How We Sew!

I’m sharing my sewing journey in two parts. The first part “A Journey to Quilts” is about my love of quilting and the second part, “Other Stitchy Projects,” I share the other side of my stitchy life.

Click through and enjoy :)
A Journey to Quilts
Other Stitchy Projects


Images from my post "A Journey to Quilts"

Images from my post “A Journey to Quilts”


Images from my post "Other Stitchy Projects"

Images from my post “Other Stitchy Projects”


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