Day Seven on the Tidal Lace Blog Hop Tour

Today are two fabulous projects by 2 of the loveliest people. Both Cal and Rebecca are amazingly creative and they teach the most amazing classes!

Cal Patch – Hodge Podge Farm

Beachcomber Dress by Cal Patch. Photo by Danielle Collins.

Beachcomber Dress by Cal Patch. Photo by Danielle Collins.

It was while I was at the creative retreat The Makerie that I met Cal Patch. I had taken Cal’s class on Creative Bug and it was fabulous to meet her in person (can’t wait to take another class with her!). Cal’s Beachcomber Dress is amazing and all my friends at the photo shoot that day had to try it on, we loved it so much. It is like this magic dress that looked great on all of us!

See this gorgeous dress here!


Rebecca Ringquist – Drop Cloth

Embellished Tide bu Rebecca Ringquist. Photo by Danielle Collins.

Embellished Tide by Rebecca Ringquist. Photo by Danielle Collins.

If you ever get the chance to take an embroidery class with Rebecca do it! (You can find her on Creativebug to)

I first met her when she was teaching at A Verb For Keeping Warm, her embroidery class completely freed up my thinking about embroidery and I started having much more fun with it.  We then met again at The Makerie and it was lovely being able to spend more time chatting with her. Rebecca created this gorgeous piece Embellished Tide, she used the Tide Pool fabric as a base and then made amazing embellishments on top. Rebecca is an amazing artist, her embroidered drawings blow my mind!

It’s amazing, go see more here!

Make sure you go visit these stops and leave a comment on their posts. There is a FQ Giveaway for every stop on the Tidal Lace Blog Hop Tour!

Tidal Lace Fat Quarter Wheel.

You can also find my post here.


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  • September 22, 2014 at 8:45 am // Reply

    Once again your blog has presented wonderful work using
    Your fabric Kim! Rebecca’s sewing and dress designs are
    Lovely! I must include Danielle too. Her photos are beautiful
    And all blend into a great result!

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