Good Hair Day Pillow Set Tutorial

Good Hair Day Pillow Set

Good Hair Day Pillow Set

Look at the lovely Good Hair Day Pillow Set!

These were fun to design, I spent many hours testing different hair designs before finding the 3 that worked the best on these pillows. These have been very popular and I got many squeals when people saw them at Houston Quilt Market.

The Pillow front is made with appliqué and quilted lines. The back of the pillow can be finished with your preferred pillow finish technique.

I’ve written up a tutorial for these pillows and I can’t wait to see you make them too. Find it here. It’s so much fun to see your projects made with Good Hair Day!




Thanks to all the people who helped me build this set of fun projects with Tidal Lace fabric. Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions for new projects!

(I’ve started by publishing just the quilt projects – bear with me, I’ll be adding the other projects soon.)



Tide Lines Quilt

Tide Lines Quilt

Tide Lines Quilt

by Kim Andersson

This project was the first one I created with my Tidal Lace collection. Stacy Day worked with me to put together the pattern which you can download here.


Day At The Shore Quilt by See How We Sew. Photo by Danielle Collins

Making Waves Quilt

Making Waves Quilt

by See How We Sew

This project was created by Pati Fried and Laura Nownes of See How We Sew. Pati is a friend that I met through the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild. When Pati said that they would love to create something with Tidal Lace I was over moon! Together they came up with the Making Waves Quilt which brings squeals of delight every time someone lays their eyes on it.

Available from


Tide Pool Quilt by Amanda Hohnstreiter. Photo by Danielle Collins.

Tide Pool Quilt

Tide Pool Quilt

by Amanda Hohnstreiter

Amanda and I met though the fabulous Quilt Design a Day group on Facebook. When I asked Amanda if she would create something with Tidal Lace she came back with the stunning Tide Pool Quilt. These huge wheels of design goodness first got their inspiration from one of the Tidal Lace fabric designs! I love how she was able to take her design and interpret it with Tidal Lace!

The pattern is available from

Amanda’s website is


Happy Kelp Quilt by Adrianne Ove. Photo by Danielle Collins

Happy Kelp Quilt

Happy Kelp Quilt

by Adrianne Ove

Adrianne’s Happy Kelp quilt is bright and fresh and brings some inspiration to us from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I love reading Adrianne’s process behind her quilts and you must see the quilty texture on Happy Kelp. It’s sublime!

It is available from


Down By The Sea Quilt by Stacey Day. Photo by Danielle Collins.

Down By The Sea Quilt

Down by the Sea Quilt

by Stacey Day

Stacey has written about how the inspiration behind Tidal Lace really connected with her and her life. She has designed the stunning Down By The Sea Quilt (it was hard to not try and keep it after the photo shoot!).

It is available from

Stacey’s website is


Diving Deeper quilt by Terri Carpenter. Photo by Danielle Collins.

Diving Deeper Quilt

Diving Deeper Quilt

by Terri Carpenter

This great quilt design is inspired by Terri’s experience snorkeling, with the shafts of sunlight streaming into the water around her.

It is available from

Terri’s website is



Colored Pavement Quilt by Miriam Blaich

Colored Pavement Quilt

Colored Pavement Quilt

by Miriam Blaich

Miriam and I also met through the Quilt Design a Day group on Facebook. Miriam’s wonderful Colored Pavement Quilt is the one featured on the cover of the Tidal Lace look book. Her quilt design is amazing, she uses the Tidal Lace border print (in White Ombre) so well to create this lovely lightness in her design. I can’t wait to make one of these for myself!

It is available from

Miriam’s website is



Tidal Wave Quilt by Erin Burke Harris. Photo by Danielle Collins.

Tidal Wave Quilt

Tidal Wave Quit (Coming Soon)

by Erin Burke Harris

I first meet Erin from House on Hill road a few years back on a sewing weekend in New York. Erin designed and made the stunning Tidal Wave quilt. It’s amazing, and she will be publishing the pattern soon.



Eucalyptus Rain Fence Quilt by Madeleine Roberg. Photo By Danielle Collins

Eucalyptus Rain Fence Quilt


Eucalyptus Rain Fence Quilt (Coming Soon)

by Madeleine Roberg

I first met Madeleine through The Printed Bolt and their online competition REPEAT(ed). When I heard that she was starting her own sewing pattern company, Domestic Strata, I knew that we had to get her sewing patterns and Tidal Lace fabric together. Madeleine created the Eucalyptus Rail Fence Quilt (you have to see the hand quilting on this!).

It will be available soon at